Choosing the right window treatment for your home can be a difficult and time-consuming procedure, when you are not given the right tips and directions. There are many things to consider when choosing curtains and blinds. Some rooms look better with curtains or are more practical with blinds, and sometimes it is just a matter of preference. So, why not ask for a professional opinion to keep you from feeling overwhelmed, and to narrow down your options? At Curtains House Singapore we know what your home needs: from style, to colour and fabric-matching and safety.


Here are 10 handy tips for choosing window curtains and window blinds for your home.




  1. Consider Your Space

Curtains usually need more space than blinds around the window as they lay beyond the fringes of the window, whereas blinds can be made to measure to the window size. Just think about the amount of space that a curtain will take when it is opened, before choosing curtains for your space. Nearby furniture also plays a part in the measurement of your curtains.


  1. Privacy Factor

Now, think about the degree of privacy you want to give in all your rooms. For example, for living rooms, kitchens and dining rooms, a sheer or semi-sheer fabric for the day curtain may be just what you need, whereas for bedrooms and bathrooms, a blackout solution could fit best. A general rule you can follow, is that, if the room faces the street or other peoples’ homes, you may need to level up your privacy with transparent or translucent fabrics for the day and blackout blinds or night curtains with thick fabric.



  1. Style and Design

There are lots of styles and designs when it comes to curtains and blinds. Busy patterns generally make a room look smaller, whereas, minimalistic designs are usually suitable for smaller rooms or if the desired outcome is to have clean lines. For example, chose solid colors for the curtains and blinds, if your furniture is patterned. You may choose both patterns or solid colors for your curtains and blinds if your furniture have a solid color.



  1. How the Curtain is Sewn

Deciding how your curtains are pleated and sewn at the top will affect how your curtains fall and have a huge effect on the final style of the room. Tab Top, Rod Pocket, Pinch Pleat and Grommet Top are the usual ones we see.




  1. Cleaning

There are two sides to the debate of whether curtains or blinds need less maintenance. Cleaning blinds is very easy and can be done using only one dust brush or a cloth, in contrast to curtains, which require much more effort: curtains need to be removed from their hooks, washed carefully, rinsed, ironed and hang, or just vacuumed. Consider how often you want to care for your curtains by choosing between washer-machine friendly or dry-clean only curtains.


  1. Hygiene

Besides being easy to clean, think about easy it is to maintain. Curtains are made of fabrics which can absorb smells and stains easily. As rooms in smaller houses tend to hold on to smells such as food or cigarettes, if you live in a small space, it is important to think whether curtains are the right way to go.



  1. Safety

Children safety can be a big chapter in choosing curtains or blinds. Generally, both choices harbour risks when not used properly. For example, long cords on blinds or chains on curtains may cause an accident. Consider your children’s safety and use short cords for both your blinds and curtains, and test them before installing them.


  1. Light & Temperature Control

Deciding to let the sun in or out will have a huge effect on the room temperature and air flow, and thus the energy efficiency of your home. The Singaporean climate, sunny and warm, and rainy and cold, may be considered when deciding this. Energy efficiency equals both saving money and being eco-friendly!



  1. Price

Adding both curtains and blinds on your home may sound ideal, but it can be expensive if you are looking to save money on curtains and blinds. Although both curtains and blinds may get pricey depending on the choice, a good idea is to divide your rooms in spaces you use often and spaces you use less often. The first category can be styled with a combination of curtains and blinds, whereas for the second one you may choose either one of the other.




  1. Adding Real Estate Value To Your Home

Homeowners in Singapore tend to choose minimal styles and looks for their properties, to maintain their value and make them look more “neutral” to a possible buyer or occupant. If you plan to rent or sell your house or apartment, consider using more simple and elegant designs.

We hope these tips have helped you and let us know if there were any that really helped you. If you have more tips for us, please feel free to share too!


Curtains House Singapore provides you with a one-stop direct contractor service for curtains and blinds for your homes and offices. As we are a fully online store, we are able to pass all the savings to our customers due to no overhead costs such as commission and upkeep costs.

We provide a range of curtains and blinds that includes Day Curtains,  Night Curtains, Blackout Curtains, Dim Out Curtains, Roller Blinds, Venetian blinds, and more. Our professional and well-trained team will make sure that your curtains and blinds needs are handled perfectly. Check out our articles for an extensive view of our products and services. Do not hesitate to contact us via Whatsapp at +65 8241 0032 to find out more about our products and services.

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