Windows can be dressed up or dressed down, but one cannot deny that curtains are a great style accessory to any home. It can complement the colour or create a mood in any living or working space. For example, day curtains create a soft, calming effect in a room, while night curtains made from more luxurious fabric like silk or velvet can add a lusciousness to a space. Curtains may not be appreciated for much more than their practical use of blocking out light. In this article, you’ll learn how much more useful curtains can be!   




Window curtains are a guaranteed way of creating a finishing touch to the home by setting an ambience. The type of curtain in a room can determine how homely or how formal a room is. The colour, fabric material, sewing pattern, and even the length of the curtain can influence a room.  

Additionally, the strategic placements of curtains whether as a door curtain or window curtain can augment the illusion of spaceIn lieu of doors, curtains can be used to divide sections of the home to create a certain rustic look. Statement curtains that incorporate valances are also more suitable as living room curtains where guests are always received at.  




One thing that a homeowner will be surprised to know is, if they outfit important rooms with curtains or blinds, it can help a potential tenant or a home buyer to make a decision quickly.  

Since curtains serve an aesthetic purpose, it will help cast a psychological influence for someone who is looking at the attractiveness of the space.  

Installing curtains in a home willl also signal to the next occupant that the house comes “fully furnished” and therefore, will not need to spend additional budget to outfit the home further.  

We recently encountered a homeowner who sought after our affordable curtains packages, because they kept receiving comments from potential tenants that the house “feels too hot and stuffy” when they first step in. 

Any feature within a home or even a room, which can enhance its aesthetics, is very capable of increasing the rental value of that home.





You wouldn’t think of it until you experience it yourself. Most people don’t get to watch TV during the day because they are at work on weekdays. Come weekend, they realise that the cheerful sunlight streaming from their windows is casting a bright patch on their TV screens, spoiling the viewing experience.  

This problem can easily be fixed by installing day curtains with a more opaque fabric to still brighten the room, while reducing the harsh glares it produces. It is the same with any other rooms in the house that would make your eyes squint uncomfortably. 


Besides dulling harsh light, it also serves to rebuff heat due to its thick, absorbent fabric. The thicker the fabric, and the darker the colour, the more light and heat the window curtains can absorb.  

As such, the temperature is moderated steadily, and indirectly leads to energy efficiencies in your aircon usage. On hot days, the aircons don’t take too much to cool down a room, and on colder days in Singapore, the curtains will help to insulate heat and prevent the cold from seeping in.   



Curtains do not soundproof your home, but it definitely muffles the sounds coming from the street. Curtains are more sound-absorbent than blinds due to its softer fabric. Install a day and night curtain so that there are 2 layers that can not only trap heat, but also sound more efficiently.  

Besides preventing street noise from filtering its way in, it also acts as a good insulator for noise in your apartment making its way out. Therefore, your loud music, or TV volume will not disturb your neighbours even if it’s later at night.  




Especially for those who are allergic to dust or dust mites, curtains can be quite beneficial to trap dust and pollutants. But since they are such great dust magnets, for them to remain optimally functional, they must be cleaned and maintained well, or it might just add on to your allergy problems.  

However, for those not overtly allergic, the curtains will help keep the house cleaner than it would be without them. 


Did any of these curtain uses surprise you?  

Curtains are considered as soft furnishing in a home, and soft furnishings are one of the 5 cornerstones of a fully-furnished home. The other 4 cornerstones are: Lighting, Carpentry, Flooring and Space Layout. These little accents together make a difference to the feel and look of a home.  

If you are looking for a curtains and blinds specialist to help you to consider the factors for choosing curtains and blindsCurtains House Singapore is most definitely at your service. 


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