Every Singaporean household shares the same concern of having too much heat entering their homes especially with temperatures of up to 34 degrees all year. One way to combat the Singapore heat is to install blinds in your home. They create a minimalist aesthetic and yet completes your home in ways you would never have imagined. There are various types of blinds for you to explore and these are the options that Curtains House Singapore has for your home.


  1. Roller blinds


These are one of the most versatile options. The roller blinds are simple looking enough that it would fit easily in any room, with plenty of patterns and designs to choose from. With the simple movement of pulling the plastic chain, you could get some sunlight into the room during the day and a dim room at night. Also, these blinds are easy to operate and maintain since you only need a dry cloth to wipe the dust off.


  1. Venetian blinds


Venetian blinds are popular for their perfect combination of privacy and lighting. With ultra-thin slats that tilt easily as you please, you can also lift and lower them in any case you need more light shining into the room. Like the roller blinds, a dry cloth is enough to clean them and it can be placed in any room.


  1. Roman blinds


If you’re looking for blinds that would create a homely feel, the roman blinds are perfect to be part of your home. Its illusion of creating more space and light makes for a popular option for bedrooms, living rooms, or dining rooms with a dimmer light source. Consisting of folds of fabric that turn into a decorative pelmet when pulled up, these blinds could frame your windows with a lot of personality, giving your room more elegance and class.


  1. Korean blinds


Similar to the ones you see in Korean dramas, these blinds provide a perfect mix of privacy, lighting, and style to your home. Made from perforated and polyester materials, the Korean blinds give you the flexibility to adjust the amount of sunlight you let into your home and office by simply pulling the side cord to your desired level. These blinds are similar to the roller blinds in their operation but offer more privacy, making them perfect for rooms and offices.


  1. Bamboo blinds


Bamboo is the material in which the first versions of blinds were made out of. These blinds are designed specially as a second layer for your lighting needs, with a tiny space between the horizontal bamboo that offers more privacy for your home. Bamboo blinds can be installed in nature-inspired spaces like beach houses or to add the laid-back feel to your home. Alternatively, these blinds are also great for well-lit rooms where privacy is priority while still allowing some sun light to pass through.


  1. Vertical blinds


Typically, home owners would opt for horizontal blinds. If you would like to try something different,  vertical blinds are the way to go. These offer the versatility of roller blinds with the controlled privacy of venetian blinds. In this case, a plastic wand is used to tilt and control the amount of light that gets into the room and depending on the style, the vertical lengths of fabric could open from side to side or from the middle, and goes well in homes with floor to ceiling windows.


  1. Wooden blinds


With similar functions to venetian blinds, wooden blinds would fit right into a wooden themed home. They might not be as modern looking as others but it sure does make your home a cozy place to be in, making it an ideal day blind and night blind.


Curtains House Singapore provides you with a one-stop direct contractor service for curtains and blinds for your homes and offices. As we are a fully online store, we are able to pass all the savings to our customers due to no overhead costs such as commission and upkeep costs.

We provide a range of curtains and blinds that includes Day Curtains,  Night Curtains, Blackout Curtains, Dim Out Curtains, Roller Blinds, Venetian blinds, and more. Our professional and well-trained team will make sure that your curtains and blinds needs are handled perfectly. Check out our articles for an extensive view of our products and services. Do not hesitate to contact us via Whatsapp at +65 8241 0032 to find out more about our products and services.

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