A natural theme (look) within any home does inspire a sense of oneness with nature. Also, it delivers a sense of soothing warmth and calmness. Most of all, it is very welcoming! All humans can identify with being inherently connected to nature. Wood certainly is a key feature of nature. Can you imagine a world without trees? 

So, you finally settled for a natural look, maybe rustic, antique, or even contemporary, within your home, and now you search for the best wooden blinds to go with your theme. We, at Curtain House Singapore, are more than delighted to guide you in this quest.


Why Should You Opt For Wooden Blinds?


Generally, blinds unlike other window coverings (curtains), are the best when it comes to natural light control within a living space. The desired amount of brightness within any room can be determined with minimal effort (infinitesimal rotations of the blinds). Additionally, they can dampen external noises too. 

Wooden blinds are available as either venetian or vertical blinds. In addition to having the qualities already listed above, they enhance any space with unique style and elegance. These blinds can be manually or remotely controlled too. They are available in various wood species – oak, pecan, bamboo, mahogany, walnut, and pine, and are ideal for both small and large windows.


Uniqueness and Versatility

One thing to know before buying window blinds is that wooden blinds are highly favored for their waterproof properties. There is a uniqueness to every single piece of natural wood – no two trees can ever be 100% identical. As a natural material, wood is one of the easiest, warmest, and most versatile in application (floorings, ceilings, cabinets, chairs, blinds). Consequently, the presence of wood within a home does establish a sense of uniqueness within it. There will not be any exact duplication of your wooden blind if you purchased one. 

The tips on how to choose curtains or blinds include considering style and design. Wooden blinds come in varying vanishes, sizes, and stains, which are bound to augment and complement surrounding furniture, give a sense of organic stylishness as well as create a sense of natural warmth and depth. I must add, they create a sense of luxury and sophistication too within a living space.




There are factors to consider when choosing curtains or blinds; one of which is the colour. Wooden blinds do evoke natural beauty and must not necessarily be of a certain shade to be appreciated. They seamlessly blend in with very many interior home furnishings. Dark wood will create an air of colonial majesty, masculinity, minimalism, and seriousness within your living space. However, if that is not what you fancy, but instead are leaning towards a natural Scandinavian feel, then light pale wooden blinds would generate that sense of casualness, coziness, and freshness within your living space or even bedroom. Furthermore, wood including wooden blinds, is beautifully versatile in the sense that it can also be enriched with various colours and finishes. This makes wooden blinds even more applicable with a wide range of natural themes.



Most wooden blinds come with wood sealers which make them less absorbing to dust in comparison to untreated natural wood. Therefore, they are much easier to clean than curtains and as a result, are more durable. However, wood naturally does absorb moisture from its surroundings (air, soil) – Remember watering your plants? Therefore, using wooden blinds in spaces with high humidity (kitchens, bathrooms) might drastically reduce their functionality by making them susceptible to disfigurement, warp, and decomposition. 

While some wooden blinds are very delicate and can damage easily, you would be pleased to know that those made from treated hardwood, are much more durable than most fabric window covers.


Privacy and Insulation


Complete privacy is one of the importance of having window blinds. Generally, wooden blinds assist with making an inner space less visible from the outside. As relayed earlier, they are much more efficient in light control than other window coverings. However, the bigger the slats, the greater your engagement with the outdoors will be. This should be taken into consideration especially if the window(s) or door(s) open(s) to a beautiful outdoor view as the view itself can be complementary to the natural theme within. On the other hand, if the window opens to a busy street, smaller slats (venetian blind) would be highly recommended to effect privacy, as well as augment the natural theme within.

Speaking of busy streets, in addition to adding warmth to a room, wooden blinds do assist with noise reduction. Notably, no window blind can completely eliminate external noises within any living space. Nevertheless, If your home is situated on a very busy street, wooden blinds come with the added benefit of reducing external noises.



Incorporating a natural theme in your home brings a sense of harmony, warmth, and connection to nature. Wooden blinds are an excellent choice for achieving a natural look and enhancing the ambiance of any space. They provide control over natural light, reduce external noise, and come in a variety of wood species, finishes, and sizes to suit different preferences and window types. The uniqueness and versatility of wood add a touch of elegance and sophistication, while its durability and ease of maintenance make wooden blinds a long-lasting and practical window covering option. Furthermore, wooden blinds offer privacy and can complement various interior styles and color schemes. If you’re seeking a natural theme and desire a blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal, wooden blinds are a perfect choice to enhance your living space. If you are interested in buying wooden blinds, you should contact Curtains House Singapore as they offer different kinds of blinds including roller blinds, roman blinds, and more at an affordable price.


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