After spending a lot of money on their home renovations, most people may not feel like forking out another large sum for curtains or blinds. It may be an afterthought, but curtains and blinds play an important role in your home, and even then, can surprise you with the multiple benefits they offer.  

room can simply be enhanced with curtains or blindsChoosing curtains and blinds that fit your budget is much easier than you think. Here is our guide to help you save money when buying any curtains or blinds.  


Factors That Affect The Cost Of Curtains And Blinds 

In order to know where your money is spent, it is important to know what are the various cost factors, so you can see which component you can save on. 




Simply put, the larger the window area, the more material it is going to be used. If you are deciding between curtains and blinds, you might want to take note of how each is being measured and charged.  

  • Curtains 

Curtains will generally use more fabric as they tend to extend beyond the window area itself. This is so they will flank the windows, creating your typical panel pair curtains look. Most people install day curtain and night curtain as a set, but to save costs you can opt for just a night curtain for its functionality.  

Customise it to your liking by choosing a colour that complements the room it is in.  

Additional costs are factored in if there are sewing patterns you prefer or if there is a need for less or more fabric. Less fabric is used if you’ll have the curtains stop short of the floor, in contrast, more fabric is used, if you’d like it to puddle on the floor   

  • Blinds 

Blinds do not extend beyond the window’s perimeters like curtains, so it is possible to get blinds that are custom fit to the exact size of the window length and breadth.  

So the only costs you may have to consider are the type of material or fabric and the type of blinds you are looking at.  



Generally, the smaller your window, the less it will cost. But, the most important thing first is to decide between curtains and blinds. Then it is easier to compare apples to apples and see how much you can save buying a curtain (see popular types of curtains) or buying blinds. 

If you want a market rate to compare to, you can take a look at our curtains and blinds packages. 





  • Curtains 

Curtains tend to cost more than blinds because they primarily come in fabric. Since curtains are customised by their fabric, the only option to upgrade the look and feel of curtains would be to use more luxurious fabric, like silk and velvet, or to use an exotic colour. As such, the choice of fabric and colour will play a significant factor in costs. 

  • Blinds 

With blinds, they can be constructed from other kinds of materials like wood, PVC, or woven fabric, which can differ in cost. The cheapest material would be PVC, but if you are looking for a long-lasting, good quality material, then you might want to invest a little bit in the material used in your blinds relative to your ideal budget. 


FINAL EVALUATION: Curtains and blinds can be saved in cost by choosing the right mixing and matching of fabric and colour to obtain the best cost-savings, while still contributing to the aesthetic of your home.  





Curtains are installed by either curtain rod or curtain rail, and this would have something to do with the type of curtains you are buying.  

Installation of blinds is relatively simpler than curtains so there might be some cost savings in that.  

FINAL EVALUATION:  Talk to a curtain and blinds specialist to give you a quick opinion on whether curtains or blinds are suitable to be installed, and work from your shortlisted options. 



Now that you know what contributes to the cost of your curtains and blinds, you can now deduce where you can cut corners and save money, without sacrificing aesthetics.  Here is a summary: 

How To Save Costs on Curtains And Blinds? 

  • Reduce the area per square metre of your curtains or blinds measurements, if possible.  
  • Choose your material and colour to give you the best match for affordability and appearance 
  • Choose a curtain or blinds installation method that is within your budget 




Prioritise What You Need Above Wants To Save Cost 

If you are on a tight curtains and blinds budget, make sure you decide on one that covers your basic needs first. Only then, can you see if there’s more room in your budget to upgrade your curtains and blinds? Curtains and blinds cost more when there are other features that may not be necessary to you.  


Here is a list of things to consider what is most important for you, so you can calculate the bare essential cost. 


  • Room Type

Most people spend their day in the common areas like the living room, study rooms, and kitchen, while they retire to their bedrooms only at night. The bathroom that needs privacy would do well with shower roller blinds as they are waterproof. As such, each room will need different curtains or blinds to suit its purposes. 

For example, the living room is a common area and may require a day curtain to block out the harshest sunlight and heat, while still maintaining brightness in the room. And at night, the night curtains can be pulled over for added privacy. However, if there is nobody home during the day to enjoy this, then it is not necessary to install one. Do take note of what you may prefer during the weekends when you are home.  


  • Sleeping Patterns 

Are you a light sleeper and will be disturbed by street lights outside? If so, blackout curtains or blackout blinds might be in order. It blocks out 100% light and depending on the fabric or material used, has the added benefit of muffling street noises for the betterment of your sleep.  


  • Light / Noise / Dust Control 

Both curtains and blinds are customisable in their fabric or materials to get you the best match for light, noise, or dust control. Venetian blinds may not be the best for noise control because they will reverberate through the hard material, but they are better at dust control compared to curtains.  



  • Inhabitants 

Consider who your family members will be in contact with curtains and blinds.  Active young children may dirty curtains quickly. Elderly or incapacitated members may find it difficult to open and close curtains compared to blinds. Family members who are prone to allergies might benefit more from blinds than curtains, as curtains can be quick dust collectors and take more effort to clean. 



  • Level of Maintenance 

Not all curtains are high maintenance and not all blinds are low maintenance either. It depends on the frequent usage and the care methods advised. 


Curtains made of anti-wrinkle fabrics like cotton, linen, and polyester can be easily thrown into the washing machine and washed often, whereas fabrics with more tension would need to be sent for dry cleaning and cannot be cleaned too often or they would lose their draping. 


Blinds that are made of wood need different care from blinds that are made of waterproof woven fabric 


The more functional your curtains and blinds are, the more affordable it will become. Any extra add-ons for features or design will definitely add up in cost.  




Curtains or Blinds: Which is Cheaper? 

There is no clear answer to this. Curtains can cost as much as blinds, and their varying prices really depend on the material, installation type and your window dressing measurements. Compare our price packages of curtains and prices of roller blinds for a 3-room BTO flat. 

Blinds may look cheaper here than curtains, but yet, compare curtains with Korean blinds 

Now curtains seem like a way more affordable option than blinds. 

Ultimately, it depends on your needs and the budget that you’re working with. Instead of figuring out the costs yourself, contact our curtains and blinds specialists at Curtains House Singapore to help you out. 




How to Save Money on Curtains and Blinds Recap: 

  1. Prioritise what you need your curtains and blinds to do  
  2. Think of where they will be installed  
  3. Figure out what is the best and cost-effective type of curtain installation for your space. 
  4. Decide on the measurements, fabric, and colour 

These factors would help in your decision-making process by narrowing down your choices when purchasing a curtain or blind that’s ideal for your home. That way, you’ll be able to purchase a high-quality curtain or blind that would last you for a few years.  


Whether curtains or blinds, they are both necessary accessories that help to furnish your home. It’s important for you to have knowledge of curtains or blinds as these would speed up the buying process. Planning ahead, calculating budgets, and knowing what you need for your home would also help you to save money when purchasing them.


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