Many people dismiss the added benefits curtains and blinds contribute to a home. Some of them do not spend anything more than just providing them the basic requirements of blocking out light and providing privacy within the home. Some may not know this, but curtains and blinds play quite a few important roles in enhancing our home.


Historical Use of Curtains and Blinds

In older civilisations, people used some kind of fabric or animal skin to cover windows and doors for both privacy and warmth. They are also used to separate their living quarters into sections for separate functions. Over time, it became a signal of wealth as different types of fabric material, colours, and even the way it is sewn, are different ways to show off one’s abode to others.


Modern Usage for Curtains and Blinds

Today, curtains and blinds do not deviate much from its original purposes. They are guardians of the homeowner’s privacy, protectors from weather conditions and because of that, they must be chosen and set up appropriately. Here are some popular types of curtains and blinds and what they are useful for:


Day Curtain: Usually made from sheer material to softly filter light in, without blocking too much to keep room looking bright. Usually paired with night curtains for extra privacy, to insulate heat and block out more light at night for peaceful slumber. .

Blackout Curtains: As its name suggest, it completely blocks any light from entering and absorbs both heat and sound very well due to its thickly-lined fabric. Most would opt for this straight, rather than install a day and night curtain, especially in the bedroom.

Korean Blinds: The most trendy and useful blinds in the Singapore market since 2019, they are mesmerising to look at as you pull the blinds open and close to adjust the slats to allow as much or as little light as you prefer. Also known as Combi blinds, Zebra blinds or Rainbow blinds due to this unique feature.

Roller Blinds: They are most favoured for its classic, clean-cut lines and waterproof feature. This makes it easy to clean and maintain it.


Besides serving a functional purpose to insulate your living space and keep out prying eyes, some do not know that curtains and blinds offer even more benefits than that.


Other Importances of Curtains and Blinds


  1. Combining different elements of your home

By choosing the right colour, design and shape of your curtains or blinds, they can make a perfect match to the accompanying furniture in the room. By mixing and matching colours, textures or patterns, the different elements of the room will create a cohesive design that gives it an instant ‘wow’ factor.


  1. Defining a theme in the room

Looking to dress up a room for a specific theme? Imagine creating a room with an Arabian ambience or a minimalist Muji look, choosing the right curtains or blinds to match the desired room’s theme, would make a huge difference.

  1. Sprucing up the space

Take a blank room and add curtains, it would already instantly uplift the look and feel of the room. Depending on the type of curtains or blinds, its colour and design, curtains and blinds will instantly transform a blank room with an imbued sense of style.


  1. Transforms the size of the space

With a few additions of curtains and blinds, a room can significantly look larger or cosier with the right choice of curtains and blinds. If you are not sure how it is possible, our curtains and blinds specialist at Curtains House Singapore will be able to help with our free in-home consultation services.

  1. Divide your living space uniquely

Do away with doors or walls by separating your living quarters with curtains or blinds instead. Just as they did back then in the ancient ages, this time, it would add a contemporary feel by creating room partitions with well-chosen curtains or blinds.


Curtains and blinds are not the first thing you notice about a home, yet when you view a home with or without them, you can sense a huge difference to what a curtains and blinds can make. If you are more keen on blinds than curtains, read more on the importance of window blinds to get a feel of the usual benefits you will get with this window treatment.

If you are looking for a professional curtains and blinds specialist to help you choose your curtains and blinds, you can contact us at Curtains House Singapore, where we provide you a FREE in-home consultation and complete a 1-stop supply and installation service for your convenience.


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