When you want to transform your home, the best idea is to use window blinds. Many people don’t pay attention to the window treatment and think that blocking out sunlight may be all they need. They really miss out on the chance of transforming their space with some colour matching and choosing the right types of blinds. 


Blinds may be preferred over curtains because they may be easier to maintain and operate and are not subjected to colour fade over the years, while still controlling temperature and light. They can also add style to your room when chosen wisely.


Here are the highlights of the importance of having window blinds.


Light Control 

Sunlight is normally welcomed in brightening up the room but too much of it is too glaring, and can be a nuisance.


Blinds easily filter light coming through your windows with a simple adjustment of the slats. You can also control how much or how little light you want with the adjustment of the width or angle of the slats. You can also choose to shield part of the window unlike a curtain, that would not be able to do it as effectively.


Top Picks:


  • Korean Blinds

Korean blinds are the trendiest and most popular type of blinds installed in Singapore. They are loved for how the height of the slats can be adjusted to be as little or as large to control the amount of light streaming in. They are also dazzling to watch when in operation.



  • Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds have thin, little slats that come in PVC or wooden material. A natural and elegant finish to any room. We find that the wider the slats, the more contemporary the look is. However, some may like the look of a bamboo blinds in the Venetian style.



Energy Efficiency 

Like many other window treatments, installing blinds can help your home reduce heat absorption and insulate heat when it’s cold. As such, window blinds installed can indirectly help reduce your aircon bills! Blinds are cost-effective and are an affordable window treatment choice for your house. They come in many different styles, all in varied price ranges so you can buy blinds within your budget. See a number of affordable blinds we have installed at direct contractor prices.


Top Picks:


  • Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are made of a thicker woven fabric that keeps out light, heat and is also waterproof! With the right colours chosen, it can be easily colour-matched and lend a simple elegance to your home aesthetic.


  • Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are made of heat-insulating materials, which are also long-lasting and easy to maintain. As such, they are good for stabilising the ambient temperature in your home.  




Complete Privacy 

Complete privacy is what every homeowner looks for, and window blinds are made for it Just like night curtains or opaque day curtains that partly cover the window, blinds can block prying eyes from peering in, offering privacy while still allowing light to filter through.


Top Picks For Total Privacy:



These blinds roll all the way up and rolling it all the way down gives you complete privacy, but also at the expense of brightness. If you still want to have light, even while the shades are down, choose a light-coloured fabric and have it opaque enough.


Top Picks For Both Privacy & Light:



As these blinds have adjustable slats, they can provide both light and privacy. For Venetian blinds, they can be opened at a downward angle that will allow light in; you can still see the outside, but nobody can peer in.


Korean blinds have 2 layers of fabric which allows the thicker, opaque fabric panel to be adjusted to reveal the thinner, more translucent fabric panel – which is the one that lets the light in.




Available in Many Patterns, Styles, and Colors 

Blinds are customised to fit your window measurements to provide a neat, structured look. They also come in a wide selection of patterns, styles and colours so you can be sure to pick the desired choice for your home.


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