There are many reasons for installing window curtains or even door curtains in your home. Curtains are useful in blocking and filtering harsh light through your windows, they can help insulate your home for some energy savings, and most of all, they play a role in your home design and aesthetics.

Choosing the right types of curtains for your home can be a difficult task especially if you aim for both functionality and beauty. That’s why you must first get to know the different curtain types in Singapore. 



Blackout Curtains 

Blackout Curtains are the most effective way to block out all light from entering. You can expect up to 95% of blackout.  When installed in bedrooms, it gives you undisturbed sleep even when the sun is up. It also provides maximum privacy.


Moreover, the thicker and darker fabric may require less cleaning and maintenance as dirt and grime don’t show up so easily. It also acts as better sound insulators than day curtains.


Blackout curtains can also help maintain steady temperatures in your home, making it not too hot nor too cold.


Day curtains 

Day curtains are made out of sheer fabrics, usually lace and organza and are thinner and lightweight. Their main purpose is to allow sunlight to softly shine into the room. Depending on the type of sheer fabric you choose, they can be quite translucent or semi-sheer. A day curtain is usually always paired with a night curtain to add to the privacy and security factor.


Day curtains are usually installed in living rooms and bedrooms where light usually is needed.



Night Curtains 

Night curtains are usually thick, heavy and come in dark colors. Their main purpose is to block out most light and insulate sound.


Night curtains can come in varying degrees of blackout lining. Normal night curtains or standard night curtains can block up to 50 – 70% of sunlight. Dimmed out night curtains are made of thicker fabric and can block up to 85% of light.


If you don’t need complete blackout during daylight hours and would like a functional curtain to help you sleep, watch a movie or have some privacy, then night curtains get the simple job done.


Curtain Styles For Your Home



Single panel curtains and panel pair curtains 


Single panel curtains are made of one piece of fabric, hung down from the curtain rail attached only on one side of the window. To open and close it, the curtain must be slid all the way open, or all the way closed.

This is unlike panel pair curtains with one curtain sheet flanking each side of the window. They each cover half of the window’s distance.



Valances are curtain fabrics stitched to form a design that covers the top of your windows, covering where the curtain rails are installed. They are installed together with panel pair curtains, and are usually a statement piece in a room – usually the living room.


This piece of fabric adds an aesthetic dimension to your window design. They are not usual for most Singaporean homes as the trendy home designs have been modern, minimalist, contemporary, and other similar themes to provide a timeless look.


If you want to install a valance window treatment, then be prepared to invest in more luxurious materials to do this curtain style justice.



Motorised Curtains 


Motorised curtains are part of the smart home automation trend. They are curtains you can wirelessly and remotely control to be opened, closed and even to be scheduled. They are ideal window or door curtains if you want to give your home a futuristic vibe.

 It is important that every Singaporean homeowner who wants to invest in curtains for his home design firstly knows their different types. We have a guide to help you in choosing curtains as each type offers different benefits and is suited for different rooms. If you are trying to decide if you should install curtains or install blinds, then check out our other guide on how to decide between the two.


If you prefer to consult a specialist, make sure you discuss it with our curtains and blinds specialist team. They are fast and responsive and have many years of experience to help you choose the ones that will meet the requirements and needs for each one of your rooms. 


Curtains House Singapore provides you with a one-stop direct contractor service for curtains and blinds for your homes and offices. As we are a fully online store, we are able to pass all the savings to our customers due to no overhead costs such as commission and upkeep costs.


We provide a range of curtains and blinds that includes Day Curtains,  Night Curtains, Blackout Curtains, Dim Out Curtains, Roller Blinds, Venetian blinds, and more. Our professional and well-trained team will make sure that your curtains and blinds needs are handled perfectly. Check out our articles for an extensive view of our products and services. Do not hesitate to contact us via Whatsapp at +65 8241 0032 to find out more about our products and services.

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