When it comes to dressing your windows, curtains provide a range of distinct options. In this article, we’ll explore the pros and cons of curtains specifically, as well as the advantages they provide over alternative window dressings such as blinds.


The Pros of Curtains 

Light and Noise Control

Curtains for bedrooms like blackout curtains or night curtains not only block light but also help dampen outside noise. Some curtains even have additional sound-blocking capabilities, enhancing your peace and tranquillity.

Ease of Installation


In deciding what to choose between curtains and blinds, it’s important to note that curtains are more forgiving than blinds in terms of fit. Since they are hung outside the window frames, they don’t require an exact measurement. On the other hand, blinds that are slightly off in width won’t fit well, and those too short will leave unsightly gaps.


Curtains offer better insulation compared to blinds, reducing heat loss through windows. This benefit applies to both regular windows and glass doors. When you want to enjoy the view, you just need to pull the curtains back.

Child Safety

Unlike blinds, curtains do not require a pull cord to open. This eliminates the risk of choking hazards, especially if you have young children.

Affordability and Style


Curtains are generally more cost-effective than blinds. This includes the most popular types of curtains. Additionally, they come in many variations, thanks to the versatility of different fabrics. You can even mix and match fabrics to create a layered look or reflect your preferred aesthetic. Plus, you can easily take your curtains with you when you move to a new home, ensuring their continued use.


The Cons of Curtains

Cleaning Effort

One thing to know before buying curtains and blinds is that curtains require more effort to clean compared to blinds. This is because they tend to act as air filters in certain rooms, trapping dust, pet hair, and cooking residue. While blinds can be dusted, curtains need to be vacuumed or washed. They also absorb odours such as cigarette smoke, which linger until washed.

Air Flow

Closed curtains significantly impede airflow, especially with a blackout curtain that is generally thicker. Although open curtains allow unrestricted airflow, finding a middle ground between these is challenging.  Blinds, on the other hand, provide a balance between light control and moderate air circulation. In addition, they take up less space as they can be installed within the window frame. However, it is worth noting that certain blinds are specifically designed to sit almost flat against the window.


Observations about Curtains 


For those who wish to protect your privacy, having blinds and curtains is extremely important. That said, heavy curtains can better protect your personal place. In case you just want to ensure a basic level of privacy, sheer or gauzy curtains such as a day curtain are ideal.

Aesthetics and Light Control

Curtains are an excellent choice when you want to frame your windows and create a specific ambience by altering the way light enters the room. Blinds meanwhile are more suitable for controlling the filtration of light, especially in windows exposed to bright sunlight year-round.

Combining Blinds and Curtains


One surprising thing a curtain can do is it can combine with blinds for a versatile window dressing solution. By having blinds with curtains, you can effectively block out light without needing blackout curtains. This approach allows for controlled light entry by adjusting the blinds’ angle. However, it requires more effort compared to simply pulling back the curtains.



Installing curtains offers numerous advantages. They provide light and noise control, easier installation, better insulation, and affordability. While they require more effort to clean and impact air flow, they excel in privacy and allow for artistic window framing. Combining curtains with blinds provides even more flexibility in light control. Ultimately, the choice between curtains and blinds depends on your specific needs, preferences, and the atmosphere you wish to create in your space.

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