Rainbow blinds

Rainbow blinds is another name for Korean blinds and they are one of the trendiest blinds designs in Singapore right now. They are loved for how you can adjust the height between each horizontal panel of the rainbow blinds, to provide you as much light filtration and privacy as you want. Rainbow blinds are also known as Korean blinds, Combi blinds, or Zebra blinds because of this unique feature.

Rainbow blinds are versatile to fit into any home design with their simple yet ingenious detail. It is made out of fabric panels.


Things To Consider When Choosing Rainbow Blinds

• Maintenance

Rainbow blinds are made out of fabric panels so more cleaning effort and maintenance may be needed than roller blinds. They have to be regularly serviced with a damp cloth or lint roller.


• Light Filtration

Although usually made out of sheer fabric panels, blackout lining can also be applied so that you have the option of switching between a day blind, a night blind, and a blackout blind.

• Modern Classic Design

Rainbow blinds are built for a modern classic design to provide a timeless look to it. Its unique feature is in its function in design.

Modern Classic Design

Korean blinds’ aesthetic combines design and function all in one, which produces a modern and classic style that lasts through the ages.


Korean blinds have a unique look due to their allowance to adjust the size of the slats, to let as much or as little light penetrate.

Day and Night

Korean blinds are a good subsitute for day and night curtains all rolled into one, and designed as a blind. You can manually adjust it so that you can have a day curtain or a night curtain.

Easy to Layer

Korean blinds are good on its own or can be layered with curtains to enhance its modern and soft look to the home, making it look cosier.

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