Finding the perfect blinds for your window might sound like quite a hard task especially when there are many types of blinds to fit your Singaporean home. There are many reasons why blinds play an important part in your home, besides sprucing up your home. Below are some of the things that you would need to know before buying window blinds.


Measure the Size of Your Window


Knowing the size of your window will help you get the right blinds for your house. This is an essential step to buying your window blinds as you would not want something that is oversized or too small, making it an awkward length. Measure your window precisely to the area where you want the blind to fit in.


Width of Slats


There are three standard sizes to window blind slats – ½ inch, 1 inch, and 2 inches. The ½ inch being the commonly used one, giving your home a contemporary look. But 1-inch slats are cheaper than the ½ inch slats as they are less tedious to make.


Style of Window Blinds


The style of window blinds you go for depends on what function or look you are going for. Korean blinds are famed for its flexibility of being able to adjust the height between the horizontal slats, allowing for much light infiltration and privacy. Wooden blinds or faux wood blinds are another popular option for homes, giving it a softer look than PVC Venetian blinds. For modern homes, vertical blinds or roller blinds go well with wide windows or sliding glass doors. But if you are struggling with dimness and a small place, opt for Roman blinds as they can create an illusion that makes your room seem bigger and brighter.



Known for its durability and ease of maintenance, wooden blinds is one of the more popular considerations when choosing which blinds to install.  Compared to other blinds like Korean blinds and Roman blinds which are made of fabric, wooden blinds, bamboo blinds, and roller blinds are made out of a woven material that is waterproof.  Besides being weatherproof or waterproof, the material is an important feature to deliberate over, as it can influence the aesthetic of your home. Wooden blinds and bamboo blinds contribute a certain nature-inspired look, while roller and Korean blinds can invoke a certain elegance to a space. So, choose your blinds wisely and according to the needs of your home.


Privacy and Light


When looking for a window blind, look for one that will be able to control the privacy and light in your house. Blackout blinds in the form of Roman blinds or Roller blinds should do the job of protecting your home from harsh direct sunlight and maintaining privacy. Additionally, it will help to moderate the room’s temperature, keeping it cool when it is day time.




If you have pets or young children in your house, safety is priority. The next step is to choose window blinds that are child friendly. Try not to have the blinds end at the perfect height for a child to run into and cut themselves on the edges. Also ensure that the cords do not hang around in a way that they will look like toys for pets or your kids.


Every homeowner has varying needs for their home, but one factor remains and that is to maintain privacy and block sunlight. Some have additional factors to consider such as kids, with safety being the priority. Above all, the choice of window blind you go for should beautify your space, even from the outside. Curtains House Singapore is here to guide you through the variety of window blinds and to pick one that you will enjoy looking at for years to come.  If you are looking for a HDB BTO blinds package, we also have them available.


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